Concrete polishing equipment rental - Lapidary equipment plans

Concrete Polishing Equipment Rental

concrete polishing equipment rental

    concrete polishing
  • Polished concrete is concrete that has been treated with a chemical densifier and ground with progressively finer grinding tools. The grinding tools are usually progressive grits of diamond grinding cup wheels and diamond polishing pads.

    equipment rental
  • means a service establishment that may offer a wide variety of household and business equipment, furniture, and materials for rental. Does not include construction equipment rental, which is separately defined.

concrete polishing equipment rental - Kawaii Wet

Kawaii Wet Stone/Concrete Polisher Package with Diamond Polishing Pads

Kawaii Wet Stone/Concrete Polisher Package with Diamond Polishing Pads

This package is designed for fabricators, contractors or DIYers to start wet polishing granite or concrete with limited budget. This polishing package comes with: A Kawaii wet polisher GWEP150 A Set of 4" JX Shine Wet Diamond Polishing Pads. A 4" Semi Rigid back holder. A free heavy duty water proof apron A free DVD on how to profile and polish granite edges. This package is ideal for polishing straight edges of granite, marble and also good for polishing concrete countertops. This package has one of the best values in our store.

76% (17)

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

This countertop section was polished to 3000 grit. No problem seeing a reflection

concrete polishing los angeles

concrete polishing los angeles

concrete polishing in los angeles

concrete polishing equipment rental

concrete polishing equipment rental

Concrete Floor Pads - 3" C-Shine Diamond Concrete Floor Polishing Pads

The C-Shine diamond floor polishing pads are designed to be more abrasive resistant so that they last longer on concrete and terrazo while achieve high gloss finish. Newly designed pattern will remove swirf and allow polishing in those difficult angles in corners and walls. Thickness of the pads is 11mm. The pads can cover up to 10,000 sq. ft of concrete surface. The set includes 50 grit, 120 grit, 220 grit, 400 grit, 800 grit, 1800 grit and 3500 grit, total of 7 pcs. You save $7/set if you order in sets.

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