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buy ninja equipment

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1998 Kawasaki EX250

1998 Kawasaki EX250

I bought this bike last summer and used it for a track bike. The only thing I changed from stock was changing to Pirelli MT75s.

This year I added rear sets, Woodcraft lowered risers, adjustable fittings to raise the rear suspension, a 2009 shock; adjustable for preload, 15 wt fork oil @ 115mm for the front forks, Kerker exhaust, K&N pod air filters, Factory Pro jet kit, and removed all the street equipment.

Even though it's only a stock 250cc engine the bike is a barrel of fun on the track. It's lightweight and handles well enough to keep up with larger bikes everywhere except longer straights.

So far I've only taken it to NHMS at Loudon, NH.

©2010, Tim Riley,

jewell in the jacket i bought her.
the freezing winds were pretty intense .

the equipment used for this shot:
canon 400D(rebel xti)
50mm 1.8
natural light

buy ninja equipment

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